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How Does Your Market Consume Content?

How does you market currently consume content? Because oftentimes, you come up with some great stuff. So, for example, I’ll use Juliet again as an example with Whitespace. When she started to put that in the marketplace ten years ago, she wasn’t having any luck on the corporate side. Then, the world changed a little bit. Google is doing mindfulness. And everybody’s doing, you know, the things that companies are buying today, would have been in the self-help section ten or fifteen years ago. So part of it is, is the market ready to market ready to have, to buy what you have. You might have the greatest solution to the problem they have. But you couldn’t sell mindfulness to the John Deere tractors association ten years ago. Good luck. It just wasn’t gonna happen. What’s that? Timing. Timing. Yeah. What are the trends out there. So what is that market? Where else are they consuming the content? How do they want it? Right so, oftentimes, we’ll work with clients and say, “Oh yeah, what, well how do you get your work out?” “Well, we have a five-day workshop.” “Well, okay. When was the last time anybody went to anything for five days?” If you can’t take that five-day workshop and take the same IP, and the underlying assets, the thinking, whatever, and chunk it into small, smaller chunks you’re out of the game.

Peter Winick has deep expertise in helping those with deep expertise. He is the CEO of Thought Leadership Leverage. Visit Peter on Twitter!

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