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Three Markets for Thought Leadership Content

Maybe. Uh… Are there people doing like umm…or are not people doing but isn’t it success, like the paywall thing? Or like this is my membership thing?

Yes, but. ‘Yes, and’ if you are an optimist. But I’m not sure your an optimist. Not that I am for speakers that look look at every word, for example. So the world according to me, and you can buy it or not, is there’s three markets for content. There’s a consumer market. There’s a small mid-sized business market, which could actually be anything from a solopreneur to a founder of a 100 million dollar technology company. And then there’s the Fortune 1000, government agency, global nonprofit. And the mistake that people make is using the wrong strategy and tactics to sell it to the wrong market. The consumer side, you can do anything you want. Right. So go pick up a self-help book not that they all don’t have science but they could be anything. Right. Like you could… There’s a whole piece here. And it’s an emotional bond. Why do people buy it? That’s most of the membership, pay wall. That’s a very consumer play and it’s not that it’s good or bad. We could debate that. But it’s really about the emotional buy and the funnels and there’s a whole bunch of people online they can teach anything that stuff. We (Thought Leadership Leverage) don’t do that. So we’re focus primarily on the SMB or the fortune 1000. Or if it’s going to be for the consumer, either the SMB or the Fortune 1000 will pay for it and give it away to their consumer clients.

Peter Winick has deep expertise in helping those with deep expertise. He is the CEO of Thought Leadership Leverage. Visit Peter on Twitter!

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