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Leveraging Thought Leadership With Peter Winick – Episode 156 – Linda Henman

Talent and experience can guide us through a lot of tough decisions, but what happens when you still can’t make a choice? Indecision is a tough problem, and it’s one that members of the C-Suite just can’t afford.

Our guest in this episode is Linda Henman, also called the “Decision Catalyst,” is the founder of Henman Performance Group, a leadership consulting firm, author of “The Merger Mindset” and “Tough Calls,” and an expert in helping C-Suite executives make career-defining choices.

In this episode, Linda discusses the barriers that stop us from making good choices, and how to break through them. She also shares the importance of having a mentor, and the need to continually invest in your own development if you want to ensure long-term success. If you’ve ever felt stifled by indecision, you need to listen in!

Corporate procurement involves a lot of tough choices. Our survival guide has great tips for making decisions that lead to success!


Peter Winick has deep expertise in helping those with deep expertise. He is the CEO of Thought Leadership Leverage. Visit Peter on Twitter!

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