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Micro Learning

Hi! I’m Peter Winick, with Thought Leadership Leverage.

Have you seen those signs in quaint bed-and-breakfasts, or in movies about the Middle Ages—the ones that say “Ye Olde Inn”? Ever wondered why they say “Ye” instead of “The”? Centuries ago, the English language used another alphabet, closely related to the one we use now. That alphabet consisted of 29 letters instead of 26! One of those now-lost letters was named “thorn.” When spoken, it made the “th” sound. So, those old signs are actually intended to begin with a thorn – and they do say “The Old Inn.”

Doesn’t that make a lot more sense?

Sticky and well-crafted learning doesn’t need to take a long time.

The new standard for long-form content is only fifteen to eighteen minutes. If you can communicate clearly and deliberately, your “short form” can create a big impact. The old standards, two-day workshops and hour-long training videos, have fallen by the wayside. Bye-bye, long-form.

From our experience working with authors, speakers, and thought leaders, most of their clients want small, focused bursts of knowledge that lead to a big “aha.” This is the new standard for training. It’s what enterprise buyers want, and it’s what learners need. Translating your content into a briefer format will make it easy to digest and accessible to a larger audience. You can showcase your content with clarity and brevity, and still make a direct impact on a client’s KPIs.

The next step in the process is to use your content to create a micro-learning curriculum. I know, there are challenges in boiling down a two-day workshop or a full book into a handful of three- to five-minute videos, but it can be done and the rewards are worth it.

There is both an art and science to it.

Thought Leadership Leverage has a wealth of experience dealing with these challenges. We have the expertise to bring the best pieces of your content into micro learning formats, and to bridge the technology gap in scripting, recording, editing, and launching your content into an online learning system.

Digital content can support existing items like workshops, seminars, and one-on-one coaching, gives you more impact over the long term with your clients. You will reach more people in their organization and, because of the lower cost of entry, your clients will be eager to share your content with a bigger audience. With that, you can position your content for long-term commitments. Enterprise-level buyers will have incentive to subscribe to your content and make it part of their organization’s daily schedule.
It’s a high-volume, low-cost-per-head business. Think about how many of your clients have tens of thousands of employees. Think of the value for you, to have something to sell to that population.

So, take a look at your content and ask yourself: Do you want to be on the cutting edge of technology with reliable, on-demand product? Or do you want to like the thorn in “Ye Olde Inn”: outdated, unneeded, and all-but forgotten? It’s your choice. Thought Leadership Leverage can help you make the right one.

Peter Winick has deep expertise in helping those with deep expertise. He is the CEO of Thought Leadership Leverage. Visit Peter on Twitter!

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