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Options and advice for thought leadership authors | Rod Robertson

Options and advice for thought leadership authors | Rod Robertson

Using ghostwriters to publish thought leadership.

An interview with Rod Robertson about authoring books, the assistance ghostwriters can provide, and the doors that unlock from having a book published.

Today’s guest is Rod Robertson, Managing Partner of Briggs Capital, guest speaker at forums ranging from the Harvard Business School and the Babson MBA program, and author of two books The Human Vector and Winning at Entrepreneurship.

We start the conversation with Rod discussing how he uses thought leadership and authorship to drive business. He explains why having a published book can be important for clarifying your thoughts.

Next, we continue our discussion on authoring and publishing by talking about how a ghostwriter can help you put your thoughts to paper in a more timely fashion than a first-time author. Rod explains why the table of contents of a book is forcing mechanism to give your book structure. Then, he shows how it can be used as a marketing tool to draw in potential readers. In addition, Rod shares how he used an agency for his second book. Then, he discusses why they were more capable of driving the book to the market for him.

Our conversation concludes with Rod giving some great advice to the potential first-time author that might be listening.

Three Key Takeaways from the Interview

  • Having a book is a great way to solidify your thought leadership and drive business.
  • Working with a ghostwriter can allow a thought leader to take their book to market much faster than writing it alone.
  • Books on thought leadership need to have a strong table of contents at least 30% of the chapters speaking to the potential reader.

Options and advice for thought leadership authors can be difficult to find alone. Thought leadership Leverage can assist you navigating the world of thought leadership publishing. We can help you find a ghostwriter and provide a book launch strategy.  So contact Thought Leadership Leverage and we can assist you!

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