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Thought Leadership in the Content Playground | Ashley Faus

Thought Leadership in the Content Playground | Ashley Faus | 358

How frameworks and content marketing connect to thought leadership.

An interview with Ashley Faus about using frameworks to create repeatable outcomes, verifiable insights, and a stronger sense of trust.

Have you ever had to onboard a new hire, or explain a complex task to a colleague not in your field? How can you get a novice up to speed without giving them a doctoral-level lecture?

Today’s guest is Ashley Faus, Content Strategy Lead for Software Teams at Atlassian. Atlassian is a software development company that creates tools which are used worldwide to unlock the potential of high-functioning teams in the workplace.

We start our conversation by discussing frameworks for thought leadership, content, and broad ideas, and how building a content framework can make even complex ideas accessible to learners of all levels. Ashley goes on to share the four pillars of her framework: Credibility, Profile, Prolific, and Strong Depth of Ideas. She explains how frameworks can be a tool to assess areas of specific challenge or difficulty, and how to use them to create a stronger focus to improve. In addition to her four pillars,

Ashley shares how she arrived at the idea of the “Content Playground,” and how she builds on her experience in content marketing to turn ideas and inspiration into learning journeys. An audience can be engaged by allowing them to choose their own path through content, discover insights that speak to their personal perspective, and grow through the novelty of play.

Ashley explains that trust is an essential quality of thought leadership, and that to be a great leader, you must be open, honest, and vulnerable. Organizations, too, need to manifest those traits, remaining consistent and authentic in their actions and messaging, so that audiences understand and believe in the brand’.

Three Key Takeaways:

  • A well-built framework can be a great way for others to more easily grasp the core of your thought leadership.
  • Thought Leadership can be used for content marketing, but that should not be it’s main goal.
  • Thought Leadership is a long-term play, unlike most marketing, and should be constructed and utilized to withstand the rigors of time.

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