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Leveraging Thought Leadership With Peter Winick – Episode 72 – Aaron Keller

Peter Winick of the Leveraging Thought Leadership Podcast speaks with Aaron Keller

Have you ever heard someone say, “Really good brands don’t need advertising.”? A lot of people will tell you that advertising only exists to prop up brands that can’t make it on their own. But how true is that saying, really?

Our guest in this episode is Aaron Keller, CEO of Capsule and author of “The Physics of Brand.” Today, he shares with us the philosophy that advertising is “a tax you pay for not being interesting.”   It’s a lesson that developing thought leaders should take to heart!

Aaron also discusses why you need to have a passion for your own content, and what it takes to write a good book. He also gives his insights about authorship, shares the things that inspire him, and talks about how writing just a few hours a week – every week – can bring noticeable improvements and returns.

If you want to scale your content to make more profit, Peter has advice for you.

Peter Winick has deep expertise in helping those with deep expertise. He is the CEO of Thought Leadership Leverage. Visit Peter on Twitter!

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