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Managing Thought Leadership for an Organization | Matthijs Van den Broek

Creating thought leadership using your entire organization.

Creating thought leadership using your entire organization

An interview with Matthijs Van den Broek about managing and generating thought leadership using the resources of every employee in your organization.

Today’s guest is Matthijs Van den Broek, head of thought leadership and the energy industry at WUA!, a digital research consultancy in Amsterdam that focused on digital experience benchmarking and the customer journey.

Matthijs discusses how his work at WUA! moves thought leadership from the role of a small team to the duty for every employee at the organization. We discuss the methods they’ve used to form guidelines for involvement and the hurdles they face getting people involved. Matthijs shares how they used their thought leadership in 2016 to write The Digital Excellent Challenge.  In addition, Matthijs explains what success looks like. Also, he reveals how they are connecting their thought leadership to sales and marketing to fill the sales pipeline while building trust with their clients.

Three Key Takeaways from the Interview:

  • How thought leadership can be created by an entire organization.
  • What the biggest obstacles are that prevent people from getting involved in creating thought leadership
  • Why connecting your thought leadership with your marketing team can prevent your assets from sitting idle.

Managing thought leadership within an organization takes plenty of strategy and creativity. If you want to create a deeper impact with your organizational thought leadership, reach out to Thought Leadership Leverage. We can help you devise a strategy and develop many resources for use within your organization.

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